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 Best way to use your heroes

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PostSubject: Best way to use your heroes   Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:37 am

You need at lest 3 heroes. Each one with one strong attribute. When you will be upgrading your hero, upgrade only his STRONGEST attribute.

Politics: Decreases the required time to construct buildings and fortifications. It also gives extra resources per hour. Each point gives an extra 1% of BASIC production. So if you have a hero with 100 politics, you double your basic production.

Intelligence: Decreases the required time to do a research.

Attack: Decreases the required time to build armies and increases the attack of troops when sent on an attack.

The one with the highest Politics should be your mayor but you would want to change them sometimes, and here's why.

While having your hero with the highest politics a certain research might take 50hrs to complete. What you need to do is to appoint the hero with the highest intelligence just before doing the research and you will notice that the time is not 50hrs but maybe 35-40. Start the research and then assign again the politic hero as a mayor. The same should be done when making armies, except here you will need to assign the hero with the highest attack as mayor before starting to make the army.
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Best way to use your heroes
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