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PostSubject: !!!MAIL ABOUT ATTACKING SENTINEL!!!   Sat Aug 29, 2009 9:45 pm

These are the mails I sent to our host.... couldn't sent them all in one to everyone, don't have enough speakers. So here it is:

Mail 1:
Just to give you an example, this guy is 800k and Serbian is 650k pp. Look what Serbian did to a guy who took his valley ->

and then the city was waved down with almost half a million archers and conquered in a few minutes.... what I want to show by that, is that if Serbian can do this, this guy can take us all down EASY!
Mail 2:
Tomorrow, Serbian is dropping at 27.599 to take out ALL the patriot members (like 16 cities) with another player! Point being... such strong players as the one in Sentinel blaze wants us to attack, can destroy an alliance like us in one day! Only way is to try to talk to them!
No offense to blaze, he wants to help but this (attacking him) is going to be the exact opposite....
Mail 3:
Serbian said he will try to stop him and he will let us know tomorrow what is going on.... and that we need to stop that nonsense of planning an attack on him.
Final mail:
Serbian worked things out with the guy, he will not attack us! Send a group mail to everyone to stop their plans of attacking him.

Here is how he worked it out:

“Hey there,

I got a small favor to ask... you have been plundering small players in the alliance Saphire and I would want to ask you if you can stop. I know some of them personally and they asked me if I could help, I guess since we have our alliances as friendly we could work something out for them. Wink
I would appreciate if you let me know asap what is your view on this.


Yep.... THAT'S IT! Remember, communication is the KEY! It wasn't harder than that!
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